Brunia Watersport has plenty of secure heated storage to keep your boat safe and warm through a long winter. Our insulated warehouse was built in 2012 and can house boats of all different lengths – from the longest Montereys to the tiniest inflatables. If you need, we will pick your boat up at the marina and bring it back on a date of your choosing. In order to ensure that your boat and motor are in great shape after the winter, we would be happy to make sure that it gets the maintenance it needs. The most common jobs are winterizing the boat and motor, cleaning the boat and applying antifouling to the hull. Bring your boat to us at the end of the season so that you can enjoy it again in spring. We’ll make sure that it’s spick and span inside and out. But you’ll also be able to rest assured knowing your boat has had any maintenance it may have needed.

See our ‘Services’ page for all the options.


Boats (L*W*H): Price per m²:
4.50m * 1.75m * 1.20m €30,-
7.50m * 2.40m * 1.80m €36,-
8.50m * 2.70m * 3.50m €41,-